Heavy / Bluesy goodness/ highly accomplished guitar playing / John the Revelator one of my favourite tracks of 2015

Andrew Kesby, Below the Radar

I’d never heard of these guys before. Didn’t know what they played, missed their name while I was having a ciggy outside.

They were half way through their first song and I already knew I liked them. The guitar riffs chained me to my chair, beats kept my feet tapping and the effortless vocals “blue” me away.

When the band announced that they were going to play an original, I was really curious to know whether or not I’d like the band’s personal style and true demeanor. As soon as they started “If you don’t love the blues” I got the strangest mix of feelings; great artistic respect, excitement, sensuality and sadness all at once. I absolutely loved the fact that the songs outro gave me the illusion that the song was never going to end. The guitar solo flirted with me and thought it gave a lot of sensuality to the whole song. Everything worked marvellously well together.

To describe Joe Green’s Blues Explosion in a nutshell, I’d say it was a succession of right decisions and ideas crammed onto a single stage, booming out with a lyrical and musical explosion that oddly enough felt like a warm bath to the ears.

Claire Bardon, Superfan