Joe Green
Guitar and Vocals

Joe Green is a Blues Guitarist and Vocalist influenced by a huge range of artists from BB King and Buddy Guy to Joe Bonamass, Jimi Hendrix and Zakk Wylde. He started playing guitar at 14 and also has an interest in collecting guitars as well as playing them. Currently he has over 60 different guitars and that number just keeps going up! His vocal influences come from artists like Robert Plant, Chris Cornell, Myles Kennedy and Chris Robertson

Alex Johns

Joe and Alex have worked together for many years. Alex is heavily influenced by Slash, Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour. His guitar playing style compliments Joe’s by being more based in the classic rock style. His solo guitar work features in the original track, If You Don’t (Love the Blues). He also plays regularly with Kentish Doom Metal legends Famyne where he gets to live out all his Black Sabbath like riffy dreams.

Tom Harrison

Tom is our amazingly fantastical resident drummer and works hard to uphold the belief that drummers are, on the whole, not all there! Despite his degree and a sensible job, Tom is definitely the fool of the band, always asking the stupid question or getting into the stupid situation. Joe and Tom first started working together in the Groove Metal band Shatterpoint. Tom’s influence comes from the metal genre but his experiences playing with Joe, and other current projects BabyHowl and Ocean Ruins, have opened up new genres for him and a world of new musical possibilities.

Regular Guests

Jimmy Dawkins

Jimmy may be the lost 4th member of ZZ Top. Despite us all having beards of some sort, I think it’s fair to say that Jimmy could be referred to as “the bearded one”. He works as a session musician for many bands and we are lucky to have this happy chappy on board for the majority of our gigs. An absolute pleasure to share the stage with, Jimmy enjoys finding his groove and just locking in, keeping the band flowing as it should. He can usually be found hanging around outside the venue or chatting up the other musicians with his amazing collection of vibrant trousers.

Adam 'Sal' North

Adam and Joe first started working together in Rock band Black Sun Down. Adam is influenced by a wide range of music, from Ska to Rock to Pirate Metal and originally picked up bass after listening to Muse bassist Chris Wolstenholme.

Dan Burvill

Dan is our resident mad man! He likes guitar pedals that make crazy noises and has a real thing for otters. Dan is also the additional vocalist in the core lineup, helping out on tracks like Sharp Dressed Man and John The Revelator. Dan also performs with his own band, Alter Ego, all over Kent.

Dan Lucas
Drums, Bass, Guitar

Dan is our all-round genius! Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keys, Vocals, he can do it all. Not to mention his exceptional skills behind a production desk. Dan recorded our EP, including playing the drums on it, and his involvement in the band has definitely had an impact on the sound. Dan is a very busy man, usually found working hard at Anchor Baby Recording Company, and if not that, performing live with his main musical venture, Salvation Jayne. Dan has toured over 30 countries and has played alongside members of Fleet Foxes, The Black Atlantic, Kill It Kid and Jeffrey Lewis.

Mike Orvis
Drums, Vocals

Mike is the John Bonham of the Explosion. His taste in Rock and Prog flows throughout his playing and his lively personality on stage creates a different dynamic at gigs. Being able to call on him for vocals as well really adds something different to the band when he plays and the set generally moves in a more prog rock direction to accommodate a more wild approach to drums.